our parish

“Start children off on the way
they should go, and even
when they are old they will not
turn from it.”

   Our youth programs include church school (grade school and junior high) and junior and senior youth groups.

   The church school meets monthly during the school year. It includes a group lesson with Fr. David or Dn. Paul followed by activities and discussions divided up by grade level.

   The junior youth group (6th – 8th grades) and the senior youth group (9th – 12th grades) meet regularly with a serious, short discussion and then game time.

   Additionally, groups enjoy outings throughout the year: go-karting, amusement parks, sporting events, volunteer opportunities, etc. Some of these outings are done jointly with youth from other local Orthodox parishes as a way to foster friendships and strengthen relationships with each other.

   Also, our young people are regularly involved with Project Mexico, other mission work, and monastery work days.